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Trifecta Value

• Our approach is collaborative. Our partners will shape this event to create trifecta value for the benefit of entrepreneurs, for your benefit and for ours.
• High quality content is our lodestar. Innovative thinking, challenging provocations, supportive insights, valuable introductions, creative suggestions – all are helpful from you. All will be curated by us
• Active engagement. We seek partners who will contribute from day one. And, of course, on the day

Commercial Opportunities

• Headline: highest presence, multi-channel marketing (digital, magazines, email, other events). Key presentation. Panel. Introduction at dinner
• Thought leadership: sponsor and/or present
• Content partner: specific session to demonstrate expertise
• Feature sponsor (eg, FutureCorns; Entrepreneurs’ Tales; Things I wished I’d Known Then That I Know Now; the EntreLeague)
• Dinner Sponsor: Branded event, speaking opportunity, top table, selected guests
• Associate Partner: Entry-level, featured in marketing on all channels, associative benefits