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The future is unwritten – as is your nomination atm. Please enter whichever of these categories apply. It’s free: good luck

See this year’s categories below…

EntreConf Awards highlight and celebrate the smartest entrepreneurs and their businesses in the region. And recognise the vital support of advisors.
Please see our Top Tips on writing a winning nomination.

Bear in mind that our judges are guided to assess nominations on these lines:

  • Entrepreneurial approach: 25%
  • Clear evidence of success or progress in the period: 25%
  • Prospects: 20%
  • Vision: 10%
  • Values: 10%
  • Distinctiveness: 10%

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This category is for non-execs, business advisors, chairs, mentors, coaches and the like. Note: legal and financial advisors each have their own categories

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Either eCommerce company or specialist eCommerce technology agency.

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Most thoughtful, distinctive entrepreneurial employer, creating markedly different, successful ethos for team.

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Entrepreneur of the Year

Leading entrepreneur in the region, any sector, any gender, any size of business, first time or serial entrepreneur.

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Female Entrepreneur

Women-only category for entrepreneur of the year: any sector, any size of business, first time or serial entrepreneur.

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Financial Advisor

Best advice on any financial matter: funding, deals, taxation, financial structures. Either specialist or division of larger practice.

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Leading specialist in FinTech, whether exponent, tech agency, proprietorial software or app developer.

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Health & Wellbeing

Any aspect of physical and mental health & wellbeing sector, including products, sales, distribution, marketing + beauty products.

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Any aspect of food & drink sector, including products, sales, distribution, marketing and food & drink places such as cafes, restaurants, bars.

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Any form of media, any part of media value chain, including creative marketing.

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This category is for emergent businesses yet to start selling products or services, typically with some form of developmental prototypes and/or proof of concept.

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Any aspect of property sector, including projects, sales, marketing.

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Demonstrable scale-up in last 2-3 years (eg +20% YoY growth) with 10+ employees at start of that period.

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This category is open to any science-specific entrepreneurial company, which has a passion about the world and want to discover its secrets. From the biology and health science industries to chemistry and mathematics, tell us about your experiences and successes.

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Small Business

Best entrepreneurial company with 10 or fewer employees.

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Any aspect of sustainability sector, including consultancies, advisors, products, agencies.

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Specialist technology-creating companies – bespoke, proprietorial, distinctive.

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Young Entrepreneur

Open to any under the age of 30 on September 1 2024.

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