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Returning 22 June 2023

THIS IS THE EntreLeague

Last year we asked a panel of experts from disparate companies and organisations in the area, to choose the leading, most interesting entrepreneurial companies. The choices then feed into EntreLeague, which we reveal during the live event…

Once our panel of experts have chosen our 2022 EntreLeague. We’ll run the full list here and in Bristol Life and Bath Life.

For now, view our 2021 ‘Companies to watch’ list below.

MEET THE 2021 EntreLeague


AgencyUK is an expert at
growing brands, aiming to
create meaningful campaigns


Founded in 2009, Amdaris’ experience and proven methodology enables it to deliver transformative software

Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash keeps digital platforms evolving, responding to changing needs of customers and businesses


Leading creative industry
training provider in Bristol,
delivering projects to over 3,000 children


Cognisess’s software platform
helps businesses identify,
nurture and retain workforce talent


Cytoseek was founded to commercialise
cell therapy technology developed
by the University of Bristol


Dovu aims to make it easy to
offset crypto carbon by harnessing
the incredible power of the Earth’s soil


Earswitch focuses on next human/computer
interface unlocking communication for
people with severe disability

Electric Bear

Electric Bear is a distinctive player
in vibrant UK brewing scene,
introducing biotransformation techniques


Evershare’s innovative contactless
payment solution for charity uses
QR scanning for donor payments

Field Doctor

Founded by registered dietician
and entrepreneur, it is notably
nutrition research-led


Experts in advancing autonomous driving,
it has successfully built its own
high-functioning vehicle system


Passions-led connectors and
creators with 220 brands;
based in Bath, active worldwide


Healthtech pioneer harnessing
machine learning, synthetic biology
and genomic sequencing


Stellar break-out start-up now
projecting $1billion sales within
five years in AI Chip sector


Since 2017 it has
tracked the strength of
UK environmental standards


High-profile branding
showcases creative ambition
of this Bristol marketer


Healios is a healthtech company
supports families living with
mental health or neurodiverse conditions


UK eCommerce pioneer
placing customer experience
at the forefront


Biodegradable, eco-friendly
cup maker creating alternative
to disposables

Kaleidoscope Collection

Transformative and
creative hotel
and hospitality operator


Childminding digital solutions
helping early years
childcare practitioners


LatchAid is the first of its kind,
a breastfeeding support app
which also educates

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow makes sustainable
farming a sustainable business
with its aeroponic container farm


In-cab vehicle tech aids
fuel efficiency and helps
enhance elite driving standards

Loom Digital

Loom Digital is a 12
year near-veteran of
strategic digital marketing


Majorleague ecommerce-based
success story from
Bath kitchen table

Network N

Over 60m uniques/month
across international network
of videogames channels


Its team are ML engineers
and data scientists who enjoy
building models, not servers

Noisy Little Monkey

For over 10 years,
it has enabled lead generation
through quirky creativity

OKKO Health

$1.6m funding to date,
its app enables eye health
to be remotely monitored


OLIO’s marketplace saves
thousands of food items every week,
with over 3.5 million app users

Open Bionics

Its first product is Hero Arm,
for people living with a
below-elbow limb difference

Play Sports Network

Multiple channel video
content for over 40m
cycling fans and riders worldwide

Pure Planet

Pure Planet uses smart
technology to make being
sustainable the easy choice


Riversimple is a UK car
manufacturer of hydrogen-powered
fuel cell electric vehicles


Rocketmakers has helped
build over 40 startup companies,
from healthcare to fintech and much else


Roqqett enables payment
from anyone with a smartphone and
banking app using open banking tech


86 projects,18 countries,
it uses the latest in AI and computer
vision technologies underwater


World’s first developer of a
fully integrated helmet, goggle
and mask system for winter sports


Mental health and wellbeing
tech firm with 50% of
profits going to charities

Shakeup Cosmetics

Fast-growth skincare brand
on a mission to address stigma
around men’s cosmetics

Storm Consultancy

Support from digital business
idea or project to brainstorm,
launch and beyond


Insight-led creative agency
connecting high-end brands
with audiences


T-Cup’s self-reflection tech
helps improve people’s wellbeing
in a sustainable way using real-time data


Projects include SIMTwin,
the digital twin of airspace
and unmanned traffic management

The Wave

New £25m artificial lake
and inland surf world, making
sport accessible and year-round


Insight based pension
software platform to track
where pensions are invested


Unites advanced hand tracking with haptic tech that creates the sensation of touch in mid-air


Over 130,000 users monthly,
connecting them with
charge points and updates


Since 2014, it has rolled out
100+ AR and VR projects to
50,000+ live event participants